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Cuban Cigars

All Cuban Cigar brands are available at La Casa del Habano Macau.

Rare cigars

Limited Edition Cigars

Since 2000, Habanos S.A. has been releasing limited edition cigars every year and becomes a popular tradition for Cuban cigars. The tobacco used for limited edition cigars have to be aged for at least 2 years.

Regional Edition Cigars

In order to promote other non-international cigar brands, Habanos S.A. releases regional edition cigars for those brands for specific regions. The most common regional edition cigars in Macau is Asia Pacific Regional Edition. As a family of La Casa del Habano, you can find a lot of regional cigars here.

La Casa del Habano Edition Cigars

La Casa del Habano Edition Cigars are designed exclusively for La Casa del Habano shops. They are in special sizes with a beautiful LCDH cigar band. Some of them are standard production but most of them are limited edition released for the particular year.

Auction Humidor Cigar

The rarest and prestigious cigars are definitely humidor cigars from auction at gala night of Habano Festival. There are two auction humidors sitting at La Casa del Habano Macau which become the best cigar lovers' attraction in town.

Wine and Spirit

La Casa del Habano selects a wide range of alcoholic beverages which complement the cigar enjoyment, including wine, Port, Champagne, whisky, cognac, rum, and chinese wine.

We encourage all cigar lovers to explore the combination of cigars and all kinds of drinks available in the market.


Accessories are important when one is enjoying a cigar. Without proper accessories, it turns the enjoyment of a cigar into a torture.

All cigar related accessories are available at La Casa del Habano Macau with a broad selection of brands, including cigar cutters, lighters, ashtrays, humidors, and cigar case.