The Concept: La Casa del Habano


La Casa del Habano is an internationally registered trademark, property of the Corporation Habano S.A.; it's design and concept are founded in "know how", and have been pivotal in Habanos' successful development into an International Chain of Franchises in just a brief period of time. As a property of Habanos S.A., all Cuban cigars are guaranteed to be authentic in great condition under strict quality control.


The success of the model of La Casa del Habano has depended on two fundamental factors: on one hand, the solid foundation for the development of this type of business focused on detail, thanks to the role of Habanos S.A. as Franchiser, and on the other hand, the consequent role of our own Franchisers: independent business men that, chosen with impeccable rigor, make up a family of proprietors of La Casa del Habano, united by the passion for cigars and excellent technical knowledge. The combination of the Franchised and the Franchiser, encompassed in a comprehensive business environment and the respectful personal treatment of each La Casa del Habano the world over, has created the best conditions for, both those interested in cigars, along with expert cigar lovers.


In the beginning it functioned as a store especially dedicated to the selling of famous Cuban tobaccos commercially recognized around the world. Presently, this store not only sells cigars, but is also characterized by numerous other services and personalized attention provided to experts in the art of smoking cigars as well as to those beginners interested in learning about these products, its culture and its history.

La Casa del Habano Macau

In 2014, La Casa del Habano opened its first shop in Macau which becomes the largest La Casa del Habano shop in Asia Pacific region. In order to incorporate the bi-cultural characteristic of Macau, the cigar boutique combines Portuguese and Cuban architectural styles into its building.

Feliz Raul Rojas, the former Cuban Consul in Guangzhou, admired that La Casa del Habano Macau gives him not only a taste of Cuba, but also "a touch of Old Havana".

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